The Catalan problem

It is on the news, it is everywhere, no-one can say that did not hear at some point about the Catalan problem. Yes, it true we have a problem, or I would call it “challenge”. There is a certain part of our population that wants Catalonia to become a country other not. I am not going to position myself at any side during this post because I think both have good and valid reasons. 

This week we all have seen, on TV, many violent scenes that happened in several cities. However, I do feel safe and I must say I did not see any violent event myself. Instead I saw peaceful demonstrations and the right to express an opinion (both parties). From my point of view and what I see every day is that the population is divided but they respect each other, people can talk about it and express their opinions with freedom. It is true that some people can get offended by other thoughts, but this is like in any other discussion. I don’t feel that people are in fear to express anything or that people it is obliged to speak or behave in certain way, the life goes on like in any other country. 

I am not going to talk also about why we are in this situation right now, there is plenty of information on the network and one can read what they want and make their own opinion. I just want to say that whatever happens it is for the good of everyone.