First week of Family Nursing 1 practice

This week I have started my Family Nursing practice 1. I am assigned to the Pediatric ICU ward from the biggest hospital of the city. This is a university hospital and there are many students and residents.

The ward has 6 beds in 6 individual rooms/ boxes, it is new since two years and it is decorated very nicely. It is like being on the sea. The rooms have names of sea creatures like “octopus”, “wales”, ”dolphins” and our uniforms are also colorful. The rooms are equipped with one ICU bed, 2 infusion pumps, 7 perfusion pumps, 1 monitor /computer, one suctioning machine, O2 and air plugs and we can also bring a breathing machine and additional equipment if required. The kids are monitored all the time. From the nurses station we can see; all the vitals monitors, all the rooms (because there is a camera), a perfusion/infusion pump monitor.

Kids in this station are from 1 year till 15 years old. Parents and siblings are allowed to be in the room all the time. There are also restricted visit times from 13:30 to 14:00 and from 19:00 to 19:30. The visits are restricted to 3 people at one time being one of them the father or the mother. It is not allowed to make phone calls or have personal belongings inside the room besides a bottle of water and the favorite toy from the kid. For the rest of belongings there is a cupboard outside where they can leave them under key.

This week I have learned a bit the organization of the department and the routines. There were also 3 workshops this week where I have attended (outside working hours) these were: A workshop of the new breathing machine that can be at MRI room. A workshop of insertion of peripheral IV (midlines) access with ultrasound. A workshop of nosocomial (HAI) infections. This week also the tutor teacher let me assist to one of their sessions where their pupils present care plan patients.

In this practice I will follow my nurse, this means I would work in 3 shifts. I find that interesting. The different objectives for the practice have been discussed with her and now I am hoping to learn a lot!!!