Eating onions



Today I want to talk about a very typical food of my region: “calçots”. These are basically onions, long onions, we made them in grilled in high fire. We eat them with bare hands, you must peel them and dip them in “romesco “sauce and then directly in a whole piece in your mouth. The “romesco” sauce it is made with tomatoes, bread, garlic, almonds, hazelnuts, red paprika, rosmarin, olive oil, vinegar, salt and peper, all of it in the mixer. The season of “calçots” goes from januray till march. This food it is so typical that there is even a year  contest to eat this onions, the winners can eat about 150 of them.  

For second dish it is typical to eat grilled pork sausages with fried white beans. You can enjoy this food at any typical Catalan restaurant. They make full menus with all you can eat for good prices. The only thing you need to bare in mind is that you will spend all the evening farting 😊 

Bon apetit!