Inside the acute and peioperative practice

This week I have started inside the operation theaters area. That hospital has 4 operation theaters areas, one is for cardiology, another for SDS (same day surgery), another for C-sections and the last one, where I am practicing, they treat the rest. I am assigned to the PACU area where I did learn a lot already in the first 5 days of work. In this operation area there are 6 surgery rooms, 5 of them are planned surgeries where they treat, urology, gynecology, ENT, trauma and general surgery the other surgery room is for emergencies. Inside the PACU area there are two section the pre-operative care area and the post-operative care area for patients that will stay more than 24hours before going to another ward. The pre-operative area it is also use for post-operative patients that will stay some hours before going to another ward.

My first days I was working with another nurse inside the area where the patients stay more than 24 hours. This is kind of ICU ward, some of them might be even intubated, but normally they are often conscious and cooperative. There are 8 beds in this area for two nurses. This area it is open, and I can see all patients from the nursing desk, between the patients you can use a curtain to provide privacy. My first surprise was to see that all the documentation is done in paper in this area. They write the vital signs every hour, check liquid balances, including, intravenous preparations, urine, drainages. Glasgow scale. Pain scale. Medication orders, doctors’ orders, care of wounds or catheters, hygiene and everything we do with this patient. I find this system quite messy, plus it keeps you bussy the whole time. In fact this papers have been inherited from the ICU where they now have a computerized system that at least makes the vital signs automatically every hour for them.

Inside the nursing interventions routine there are the next tasks. Check and write vital signs hourly together with liquid balances, administer and document different medications. Pain management. Care of different catheters. Patients full hygiene. Discharge patient man agement.

I really liked the work there…in fact I do like every ward. But I was so bussy all the time that I am just thinking to fall sleep and don’t wake up for the next 5 days…See you next week!