Evening shift

This week I was working in evening shift. The routine is quite the same despite the hygiene of the patients which is done only in the morning. In opposite the evenings are busier that mornings because there is more patient traffic at the PACU.

I am learning a lot about medicines, how to make dilution, what medicines you can mix or not, dosages and routes of administration. I also have the opportunity to practice my technical skills like IV catheterization and blood extraction, I have also learned how to take “Astrup” from arterial lines. I got more confident in my hand skills and I am almost running alone at the ward with my own patients with little support from my mentor.

This week I had the opportunity to practice the uterus palpation. All C-sections come to PACU area till the spinal anesthesia is gone. There we control that the uterus is not bleeding and that is getting contracted and not expanded. This is a quite interesting feeling in the hands, and extremely painful for the patient, but it is necessary. However in my opinion women with c-sections should not go to PACU area, there they cannot be with the kid and the husband and this is very anxious moment for the mother. In Germany this is made better as they go to the maternity ward afterwards and monitored directly there, like this they can be with the whole family.

This week I also presence a patient doing a myocardial infarct. I could appreciate the curves at the monitor. Luckily he did not collapse at our ward as he was transported soon enough to the cardiology ward.

The rest of the week was just routine, patients coming in and out from the OR. I have worked in both sides of the PACU, wherever they need me or they had something interesting.

Next week it is my last week, and I am looking forward for a rest….

Here I leave you a peacful view from the PACU area to the Helicopter landing place