It is Christmas time!!!!

It is Christmas time here too and my last week of practice in my hometown. Together with all the classical typical and topical Christmas customs we have a very wired one that I would like to share in that post.

In Catalonia we have what we called “The Caga tió” this translated will mean “The uncle pooping” yes your heard well, pooping, from poo, because he will basically poo the presents from the kids. “The Caga tió” comes in form of a wood log, dressed in a funny way, he arrives to every Catalan family from the magical forest on the 8th of December, since then till the 25th December we will feed it with different things, chocolates, fruits…anything! On the Chritmas day we will sing to him and hit him with little sticks, them he will “shit” the presents. I know it sound wired but maybe a video makes it easier to understand.


With that and my last week of practice I say goodbye to my Erasmus experience in Spain. That were great times!!!