Chronicles of an Island Nurse

A two month adventure of bathing in the sun and possibly some nursing. Follow my experiences in the oncology and perioperative world of Malta.

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“Who am I?” is what you ask.

I’m a third culture kid, raised in the beautiful city of Maputo and born in the amazing country of a thousand lakes called Finland.

I’m what they call “multicultural” in some places around the world. My father is a Gambian Fula and my mother an extraordinary Fin and my family, a delightful jumble of uniqueness.

I’m a third year nursing student at the university of JAMK and a future healthcare professional. I was going to be an environmentalist, a veterinarian, a performer, but instead I decided to ride a bike and eat natural and domestic products, own a bull terrier, create my own dance crew and lastly become a nurse.

I’m a busy bee that tends to take on too much at once, but what would life be without a few obstacles here and there.

“Life is not about finding oneself, but about creating oneself”


Two weeks into Oncology

Sorry for the mistake. I meant that the port a cath is connected to a vein (superior vena cava) not an artery.

It’s been a month now !

After one week in Malta

First few days at Malta