Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves

JAMK Sport Management Students go to UEFA Euro Cup 2012

After the weekend is over…

After a hard weekend we started a new week with smiling faces and great fighting spirit!

The Monday morning started when our friendly bosses set us demanding goals for the quantity and quality of the questionnaires. So we spent the whole day by working and interviewing the football fans who were staying in Gdansk. The day was hard and sweaty but in the end it was rewarding!

Finally at Monday evening after an exhausting day of work, we all went to see the game we all had been waiting for: Croatia vs. Spain at PGE Arena. When we finally entered the stadium the atmosphere was something we have never experienced before. Stadium was brand new and everything worked like clockwork. Fans of Croatia and Spain were singing their throats off for their national teams and we were even able to hear the Polish people cheering and singing their own songs.

The game itself wasn’t so exciting because the both teams needed to make it to the qualification so they played pretty “safe” game. Croatia fought well but in the end Spain showed why they are the sitting champion. Even if Spain won we thought that Croatia’s Luka Modric was the man of the match.

After the game all 40 000 spectators were rushing out from the stadium and the lines were unbelievable long because there was only one train going back and forth between the center and the stadium. We chose to get back home by train and finally when we got back the sky of Gdansk tore down and the storm of the year started. So we were lucky that we didn’t get completely wet. Some of us were not that lucky…

The next two days went with the surveys, so we worked our asses off! But finally at this moment we got the information we reached our goal of 1200 answers and the rest of the days are free! The atmosphere is as good as in the stadium among our research team and today we are going to celebrate in the streets of Sopot.

The whole 6 days of work were hard but educational.  There were plenty of challenges but in the end we all feel like winners! Like European Champions.


Ville and Captain Vekkie.

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