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JAMK Sport Management Students go to UEFA Euro Cup 2012

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After the weekend is over…

After a hard weekend we started a new week with smiling faces and great fighting spirit!

The Monday morning started when our friendly bosses set us demanding goals for the quantity and quality of the questionnaires. So we spent the whole day by working and interviewing the football fans who were staying in Gdansk. The day was hard and sweaty but in the end it was rewarding!

Finally at Monday evening after an exhausting day of work, we all went to see the game we all had been waiting for: Croatia vs. Spain at PGE Arena. When we finally entered the stadium the atmosphere was something we have never experienced before. Stadium was brand new and everything worked like clockwork. Fans of Croatia and Spain were singing their throats off for their national teams and we were even able to hear the Polish people cheering and singing their own songs.

The game itself wasn’t so exciting because the both teams needed to make it to the qualification so they played pretty “safe” game. Croatia fought well but in the end Spain showed why they are the sitting champion. Even if Spain won we thought that Croatia’s Luka Modric was the man of the match.

After the game all 40 000 spectators were rushing out from the stadium and the lines were unbelievable long because there was only one train going back and forth between the center and the stadium. We chose to get back home by train and finally when we got back the sky of Gdansk tore down and the storm of the year started. So we were lucky that we didn’t get completely wet. Some of us were not that lucky…

The next two days went with the surveys, so we worked our asses off! But finally at this moment we got the information we reached our goal of 1200 answers and the rest of the days are free! The atmosphere is as good as in the stadium among our research team and today we are going to celebrate in the streets of Sopot.

The whole 6 days of work were hard but educational.  There were plenty of challenges but in the end we all feel like winners! Like European Champions.


Ville and Captain Vekkie.

Greetings from Gdansk!

Since we have arrived, lots have happened; here are some things that are worth of mentioning 🙂

Starting from the beginning of the trip: during the first day we were getting familiar with the city, fan zone and the places generally. We started doing the surveys on Thursday and continued them on Friday and Saturday. Days have been really long but we are on schedule since we have done lots of surveys and people have been willing to fill them, so a big thank you for them too! If everything goes like we planned, we could finish the surveys by Thursday and would have Thursday and Friday off before heading back to Finland.

The atmosphere in the city has been amazing, it is really hard to describe it and put it in words… All those different nationalities are partying together and clearly having a good time. As an example, I and Tytti went back to our apartment by train on Friday evening after the game Ireland against Spain that Spain won 4-0. The train was truly crowded and people were singing together Irish, Spanish and Polish songs no matter what team they were supporting. That’s a great example how sport can unite nations!

Yesterday we were at the fan zone when Poland had their game against Czech Republic and there were about 30 000 polish fans, the fan zone was packed! All you could see was Polish colors red and white. People were crazy in there and they were singing and cheering all the time, i.e. when the game started, every one of them started to move towards the big screen and it was impossible to move anywhere or stay in group. There were also kids in the fan zone which was quite surprising because it was so packed and kind of dangerous place for kids. Though Poland lost the game they still continued singing and being in a good mood.

Today we are having our first day off and we are spending it by shopping, relaxing, hanging out in Gdansk and go to eat together. It has been a great experience so far and we can’t wait for the next days, especially tomorrow because we are going to see the game Spain against Croatia!

Gdansk, here we come!

Uefa EURO 2012 has started and tomorrow we have the departure! So exciting! The flight departs in the morning and soon we will be in Gdansk and feeling the tournament atmosphere. None of us have been in Gdansk or Poland before so the whole Polish culture will be new to us. Hopefully the city is full of happy and excited people and the mood is high.
The plan is that we do surveys approx. on 6 days depending on how well it goes. Hope it goes smoothly and the fans willing to fill our surveys out. We’ll do the surveys in the Fan Zone area in order to get in touch with fans. Based on the pictures taken from the fan zone, there will not be a shortage of football fans! Spain, Italy, Ireland and Croatia are playing in Gdansk, so besides Polish people we are going to meet fans at least from these countries.
We are going to spend our spare time by wandering around Gdansk and Sopot. We also have tickets to Croatia-Spain game on 18th of June! It is totally going to be one of the highlights of the trip and we cannot wait for it! Remember to follow our blog to hear how our trip goes!

20 days to go!

Hey all!

There are only 20 days to go until the UEFA Euro Cup 2012 begins!  We decided to start blogging NOW and tell little something about the preparations and what have happened. The countdown for our trip is 25 days so there is not that much time left.

How we decided to be part of this trip? Firstly, it will be a great opportunity for us to experience this big international event that relates our fields of study (sports management), secondly, a chance to collect material that is important for  your own thesis and also for future events is really worth of doing, and thirdly, who would not like to attend UEFA Euro Cup 2012 if there is a chance for it..? 🙂 So then 6 brave men and 2 women students confirmed their willingness to jump on board and here we go. (Info about these fearless students will be published soon!)

So far, our trip have changed along the way, especially what comes to its price… The costs of the trip are now estimated to be 850 euros per student instead of the original 180 euros, and 850 € does  not include food and other mandatory things that we need to spend money if wanted to stay alive haha. The biggest cost is the accommodation costs that have been risen enourmously. So after a slight panic we have been trying to collect sponsors for the trip because, naturally, 850 euros is a big money for a student and we would need some support… So far Keskisuomalainen, YLE, JJK and Helafiilis have supported/will support us so a BIG thank you for them!

Anyways, while arranging a study trip like this you have to keep in mind various things like insurances, vaccinations, group flights, accommodations etc. All of these are somewhat taken care of and now we are concentrating on getting sponsors, updating Facebok page, planning what to do if we have some free time and making sure that everything is ready for us in Gdansk.

That’s all for now but the story of sport management students’ trip to Poland will be continued…