Practical arrangements

Hi everyone!!

Today, in my first post as a blogger, I want to tell you a little about practical arrangements regarding the trip to Japan.

After I received a message on the approval of the exchange, I began to look for information about what courses the university offers for exchange students. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find the necessary information on the university’s website, and the coordinators provide a list of courses only when the student is already in Japan. This creates difficulties in compiling of learning agreement because the student knows just approximately what courses are available at university, but in the same time he or she isn’t sure about courses accessibility and opportunity for enrollment.

In this situation I left the study program approximately, choosing those courses, which will definitely be available during semester, for example Japanese language or management. Also, I had the opportunity to change some courses or add new ones already being in Japan. Other information about dormitories, Ryukoku university, amount of necessary money, free time etc. generously presented on the website and in a special brochure for exchange students.

In is important, that you should apply for a visa with insurance and buy a ticket for an airplane only after receiving the welcome package, because it contains a certificate of eligibility, without them it is impossible to apply a visa.

         Certificate Of Eligibility Example


In order to avoid unnecessary stress, I postponed the purchase of tickets until I received the package of documents that came in the middle of February (start of study in Japan 1.4.) So, I was able to buy tickets and arrange documents without haste and fly to Japan in time. Since I’m from Russia, I applied for a visa in Moscow at the Embassy of Japan. Filing was smooth and I got the visa in 4 days. Although the insurance is not mandatory, I have issued it before applying for a visa.


                                                The Embassy of Japan in Moscow


I think that everything went smoothly and without delays, because I responsibly approached the case and asked many questions about the organization of the exchange to coordinators. I advise everyone to do the same, especially if you have questions when filling out the documents.

Before leaving home, I experienced a little excitement, but in the same time I was self-confident and full of the desire to see Japan with my own eyes and get invaluable experience as a student at a Japanese university.

In the next post I will tell you about Japanese language and how to start learning Japanese before arrival to Japan.

See you soon,