About Ryukoku University (Orientation week)

Ryukoku University (龍谷大学) is a private university in Kyoto. The University was founded as a school for Buddhist monks of the Nishi Hongan-ji denomination in 1639, and became a secularized university in 1876. It has three campuses: Fukakusa and Omiya in Kyoto; and Seta in Shiga prefecture. Ryukoku University’s global campus, with approximately 500 international students representing 37 different countries, now comprises 9 faculties and junior college departments, 10 Graduate Schools and a separate course for international students. (http://www.ryukoku.ac.jp/english2/)

My exchange programme is Jep-e or Jep english (http://intl.ryukoku.ac.jp/zx_documents/jep/jep_e.pdf). This program consists of courses in English, including japanese language, subjects about business and marketing, regional studies etc. I will tell you about my studies in detail in the next posts.

Ryukoku University in March
Ryukoku University in March

All my courses are in the Fukakusa campus. It is one of the largest campuses, which includes 10 buildings, a café and a large library. The library is not only proud of its huge number of books but also its many rare collections. It is especially renowned worldwide for its Nagao Collection of approximately 16,300 volumes of books on corporate, organizational and industrial histories.

The Fukakusa Campus, with its distinctive red brick buildings, was established in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, southeast of Kyoto Station, in 1960 as a commemorative activity of the 700th anniversary of the death of the Buddhist monk Shinran-shonin. During Japan’s period of high economic growth, the Faculties of Economics, Business Administration and Law were opened to expand and enrich educational and research activities. Fukakusa campus has now become the center of the University with its administrative headquarters, general information building, language classrooms and cafeterias that enrich student life.

One of the many campus corridors
One of the many campus corridors

About orientation week

In my opinion, all universities have own orientation week for new students. In Ryukoku University orientation week consists of different activities, the purpose of which is to introduce new students to the university, it’s rules and the organization of studies. During this week, we didn’t have events with our tutors, like games or endless parties.But for me it was good, because at the university we received a lot of information and immediately had to make up our schedule and meet with instructors.

If a student has questions, he or she can always go to the center for the Promotion of Global office, which is located right at the entrance to the university.

On the first day of the orientation week, we participated in the entrance ceremony, which includes buddhist prayer, opening University film, new student pledge etc. It was so interesting to partisipate in the ceremony. This contributed to my immersion in the culture. Also during the ceremony we received a gift of small beads. After that, during the orientation week, we decided on organizational issues and studied the possible courses.
Perhaps it is not so interesting, but very useful and informative.After this week I know lots about Ryukoku University and organization of studies. Now I can start my classies!


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