Tokyo Part I

One of my dreams was to see Tokyo. In May, I had a couple of days off and I decided to go to the capital of Japan. A little bit about buying tickets There are three ways to get from Kyoto to Tokyo: plane, bus, train. The plane is quite expensive. Tickets can be bought…

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There is lots of temples in Kyoto

Practical tips for fellow-students

こんにちは! ヽ(・∀・)ノ In today’s post, I want to share some practical advice for those students who want to go to Ryukoku university for exchange! Let’s go! About getting a visa and drawing up the documents I already told here Now I want to tell about study in Ryukoku university, courses etc. It is difficult to…

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Universal Studios Japan

In Japan, there are two large amusement parks: Disneyland in Tokyo and Universal Studios in Osaka. Like any large amusement park, this park should be dedicated all day to visit everything and try the most interesting. The park is decorated completely in the style of California, full of the feeling that you are in the…

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