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Practical tips for fellow-students

こんにちは! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

In today’s post, I want to share some practical advice for those students who want to go to Ryukoku university for exchange! Let’s go!

About getting a visa and drawing up the documents I already told here

Now I want to tell about study in Ryukoku university, courses etc.

It is difficult to make The learning agreement before coming to Japan. Since the information about the courses is fully available only during the orientation week, information is not provided before. I advise making the program very roughly and be ready to change and replace half of the courses after receiving the information.

Note that one credit in Ryukoku University is equal to 2 credits at JAMK.

Don’t take too many classes, because they always have a lot of homework, group work and exams.

Choosing between elective subjects for exchange students and faculty classes, choose the second one. They are more interesting and informative.

You can not skip classes (course don’t be count and you don’t get credits) and be late (late is often equal to absenteeism)

Learn Japanese before you arrive, because the Japanese course is very intense and fast. If you have basic knowledge, it will be much easier to study Japanese language here. I recommend starting with hiragana and katakana. It is better to be able to write and read them.

Everyday life

Don’t forget to buy a travel card, it saves time and money (2000 yen)

The University provides a discount on trains. It can be obtained at the office of your faculty.

Food in the cafe is not expensive, in the university cafeteria it is very cheap (about 300 yen for lunch)

In Japan there is other sockets, the adapter can be bought in Japan at the electronics store or in a combini (like Family markt or 7 eleven)

Internet is only in the hall of the dormitory, in the room there is a possibility to connect the Internet. The modem can also be bought at the electronics store.

At the beginning you need to have enough cash for paying dormitory’s rent (about 20,000 yen per month). Later a bank account will be opened for you. After that the rent will be written off automatically every month.

In my opinion here is the most important tips. Later I will write one more similar post if it is required.

See you,