Ryukoku University Fukakusa Campus

Evaluation the quality of teaching

Hello from Japan!

Today I want to tell you more about education in Ryukoku University. I’m going to evaluate shortly the quality of teaching and the academic content of the courses. Also, I will try to compare it with JAMK.

All courses here contain about three points from which the final evaluation is formed. It is attendance, activity, group work or individual assignments, for example, essays or presentations. Sometimes there is also exams.

For better mastering of the material, teachers are asked each week to read several paragraphs from the book and then answer 10-15 questions. Despite the fact that such a number of homework can be unusual (reading is about 70-120 pages), it really helps to memorize the material and learn a lot of new things. Each homework and its performance affects the final grade for the course (about 40%).

I also liked the absence of group work here. Everyone here is responsible only for their studies. It’s very convenient and comfortable, because I don’t like to depend on other people in such things.

Lectures are conducted by competent teachers who tell the material interestingly and structurally. Also during the lectures we often discuss the material, give examples and ask questions.
In class all the time something happens and the lecture is not noticeable, since there is no passive listening. Everyone is actively involved in the topic of the lesson.

I can highly appreciate the quality of training, since we really get a lot of new knowledge in an understandable form and without any difficulties.

Academic content here is more suitable for those who are fond of Japanese culture and traditions, since most of the courses are on this topic. They are very voluminous, informative and thorough. On lectures we often use academic literature and scientific articles, watch documentaries, go to museums. Teachers are also very competent.

If compared with JAMK, the absence of group work and homework for each lecture immediately comes to mind. In my opinion, the academic level between the two universities is approximately equal.
It depends more on the person’s preferences, what kind of study he or she likes more. I’m closer to more independence.

If you have any questions, write them in the comments!