Abnormal heat in Japan and other cataclysms

I write this post during the intense heat in Japan. Now the temperature on the street is about 40-45 degrees.

The last two weeks in Japan there are abnormally high temperatures. During this time, more than 22,000 people were taken to hospitals with thermal shock throughout the country, and 65 more people died. Almost half of the victims are elderly.

Specialists of the Japanese Meteorological Agency have already announced a heat disaster. It is expected that the temperature will keep at a level above 35 ° C even at least until the end of August.At the moment, the authorities are considering the possibility of extending the summer holidays. This is due to the fact that many schools are not equipped with air conditioning.

Now people are saving themselves by trying not to go outside, drinking more water. Personally, I do not tolerate the heat, so I try to be closer to the dormotory or university.

Another unusual cataclysm was several earthquakes in June and July, the epicenter of which was Osaka, which is 40 km from Kyoto.

At the same time, in July, on the eve of the earthquake, Japan was struck by the typhoon “Prapirun”, which brought abundant rainfall to the country. As a result, the rivers emerged from the coast, mudflows and landslides converge.

Nearly 7,000 homes and outbuildings were damaged in the Japanese prefecture of Osaka in the southwest of Honshu Island as a result of an earthquake of magnitude 6.1. The number of victims of the earthquake in Japan increased to 395 people, as well as five people. More than a thousand people were in evacuation centers.

Although we also felt quite strong tremors in connection with the earthquake, fortunately, in Kyoto it happened without consequences and it was just an interesting experience for us. Of course, this all makes us worry a little and got stressed, but this is the climate and nature of Japan.

In the heat and heavy rain, it’s better to just be at home. The earthquake, which felt like a swing in a bus or train, also worth the wait, following the instructions of the professionals, if it is necessary.