Value of the exchange period to my intercultural competence and learning

In this post I want to discuss a little about value of my exchange period.

On of the main goals for my exchange period were improving English language skills and get some knowledge about management in Japan. During my studies, I managed to achieve all this goals, thanks to a rich programme. In addition to studying business writing, management, financial reports creating etc. we paid a lot of attention to Japanese culture in its various aspects (religion, history, literature, movies). All this has allowed to expand the horizon and learn a lot of new things.

Since all the subjects were in English and with the students I also communicated in English I managed to improve it. At the same time I learned Japanese here. It was a basic course for beginners, but it was very intense. In all these ways I could improve my professional skills in languages and management knowledge.

If we speak about social skills, in my opinion, I improved my skills in communication with people from different countries and culturies. I also had Intercultucal communication course with Japanese students, where we discussed about different aspects of cultural communication and values.

I can not say that my values have changed a lot during this time. Rather, I have become more open to the new, bolder and more active than before. The exchange showed me how much I can and that everything depends only on me.

In the future, I want to use the acquired skills to participate in other similar projects and get new knowledge.