First weeks in Japan

Hello! I came to Japan almost two weeks ago and now my orientation at Seinan Gakuin University has started. I first flew in to Osaka Kansai International Airport and started my adventure as a confused but excited traveler. Immediately after exiting the customs I was interviewed for a Japanese TV show, which really caught me by surprise. After figuring out the local public transport system I slowly made my way to my first accommodation in Osaka. I spent four amazing days in Osaka meeting my Japanese friends and partying and the time to leave came very quickly. The day of my departure from Osaka I went to the train station to buy a Seishun 18 ticket which allowed me to travel by local and rapid trains on five days for very cheap. I got my ticket and on very slow trains I made my way to Hiroshima where my Couchsurfing host was waiting.  I spent three nights in Higashi-Hiroshima and made a daytrip to Miyajima island and Hiroshima city. In every city I visited there was so much to see that in such a short time it was impossible to go and see everything. After Hiroshima I made my way to Oita, where I spent three nights with the most friendly people on planet earth. My hosts in Oita were a man originally from Alaska and his Japanese wife. They had a beautiful house in the forest near the city and we did some crazy things, like swimming under a waterfall. From Oita I visited the famous hot spring town of Beppu and also Yufuin where I got to experience a Japanese summer festival in all of it’s crazy glory. Oita was so nice that I would have hoped to stay there longer, but my arrival date for my dorm in Fukuoka arrived and I had to get back on the trains again. After 10 fun days traveling around Japan and trying all the tasty foods I arrived at my dorm, unpacked my things and without resting went out to explore the surroundings. The past few days have been full of getting to know new people, hanging out with said new people and going to orientation events. I will write more about my time here after the real classes start.