Time flies when you’re having fun

Hi, I completely forgot about writing my blog so I will write a few posts about past events. The rest of September was filled with interesting things to do and see, I explored Fukuoka more and found many beautiful hidden places. I tasted a lot of great local foods and met many new friends and Fukuoka started to feel like home.

One weekend there was a jazz music festival in town, which I enjoyed to the fullest visiting as many stages and shows as possible. After the shows I got hungry and tried eating in a Japanese food stall called yatai for the first time. Other activities I did outside studying were visiting shrines, taking a swim in the Japan Sea and visiting a local flea market event. I bumped into a Japanese motorcycle meetup with a friend and we chatted with the people there for a while which was really interesting. One night in the city center me and my friend got interviewed for a TV program for the second time, a funny coincidence.

I started meeting Japanese friends more than my international student friends, which boosted my Japanese speaking skills to whole new heights. I finally started to feel like I knew how to get by with my Japanese even though it wasn’t even close to being perfect. At school my grades were getting better as well even though grammar never was my strong point. These weeks were very exciting and I was clearly starting to settle in.