October in Japan

My October started with exploring more of Fukuoka’s more further regions, shopping and partying with friends on the beach. Also since I was on a class called Natural World of Japan, which included several field trips, of which we had our first one. On this field trip we traveled to Itoshima, a region to the west of Fukuoka to experience the act of harvesting rice by hand. The day was super fun even though the weather wasn’t great and everyone enjoyed working together to clear one rice paddy and to tie and hang up the rice to dry. Afterwards we had lunch and explored the plants and animals around the rice fields.

The next Thursday I got invited to a BBQ party with some Japanese salary men of which one I had met at a bar beforehand. I went there with my friend and we had some hilarious times due to the fact that almost no one else there spoke English.  I feel as though that one night was one of my most important experiences for my language learning and I also got a glimpse of the nightlife of a Japanese salary man. The next day my cousin and uncle came to visit for one adventurous day during their bullet train trip through Japan. We tried visited some of the best sights that I had found and went to my favorite ramen place for some local food. My weekend continued with even crazier plans since I had applied for a weekend job as an assistant on an English learning camp for children. Me and a few other foreign students and workers met up to get a quick briefing before 3 whole buses full of children arrived and we took a 2 hour bus  ride to a neighboring prefecture. The camp was unfortunately hindered by a passing typhoon so we had to do all the activities inside a gymnasium and although the whole weekend of keeping kids out of trouble was really tiring I ended up enjoying it a whole lot and was really surprised how well behaved the children ultimately were.

The next week I went to an international party at a local hostel and met some amazing new friends who we went to karaoke with. On the same day my very jet lagged mother arrived in Fukuoka and I had helped her get her luggage to her rented apartment. Due to a national holiday I hopped into my friend’s car and we drove to a beautiful hiking mountain which we hiked up to. Due to the steepness of the mountain my legs were completely exhausted after the endeavor. The next week mostly passed with studies and showing my mom around the city.

October ended with a Japanese Halloween which students really took seriously since there were tens of thousands of people at the city center drinking and partying in a public park. I had one of the most memorable nights in Japan while wearing a Pikachu outfit and talking to random Japanese partygoers.

field trip