Hiking, Nature & Cats

As the first red leaves started to appear at the start of November my friend and I borrowed a car to go hiking to a nearby mountain which had tons of waterfalls and much wildlife. The weather had started to get occasionally chilly at night in the city but going up on a mountain amplified that effect quite drastically. Thankfully even if we weren’t very well equipped for the hike we were glad to notice that the car accessible parts of the mountain had vending machines with hot drinks in them. Fueled with hot coffee we quickly got warm hiking up and down on the peaks of the mountain and visiting three waterfalls on the way.

More hiking was waiting for me the next week as well since a Natural World of Japan field trip to a cat island called Ainoshima was approaching. When the day came we had to wake up earlier than most of the earliest workers and as I was sleepily walking to the station I actually saw a few people going home from the bar. After we took a cat island themed train to the coastal town where our ferry was going to leave from we walked about one 2 kilometers to the harbor where a line for the ferry was starting to form. The weather for the day was perfect and the ferry ride was a pretty smooth ride. Arriving at the island we already saw a swarm of cats approaching to check out the newcomers. As we landed everyone ran over to pet all the different cats that were lying everywhere. We enjoyed a while petting all the cats and taking photos before we started our trek around the whole island. The island had various sights to discover and during the hours we spent on the island we visited most of them. Everyone had bought some food to eat as lunch beforehand since the island didn’t have any supermarkets or convenience stores on it. We ate our lunch on the rocks and I quickly finished to separate from the group since I wanted to use the free time to film a rock formation on the other end of the beach. I returned five minutes before lunch time was over and we made our way back to the harbor were I ate some local green tea flavored ice cream and spent some more time with the cats before departing back. Even the way back to the station was exciting since the teacher knew of a shortcut through a huge shallow beach and some paths in the woods.  The next day it was  the start of a new school week which went by quite uneventfully.