Road trip to Nagasaki

Me and my two Japanese friends decided to make a two day road trip to the prefecture and city of Nagasaki. Our first stop was to visit the volcano Unzen which was famous for its hot springs. On the way we passed through Saga city and a bridge crossing the border of ocean and reclaimed land both of which were beautiful places. On the bridge we could already see the towering mountain of Unzen and a while after our small car started the long climb up to the top and towards the hot springs resort town. We drove up the mountain roads quite slowly, occasionally stopping to take pictures of the amazing views. A while later we saw the steam rising up from all the hot springs in town. We stop to visit all the amazing hot springs and some temples and after we got hungry we ate some eggs that had been boiled slowly in the hot spring. After spending a couple of hours in the hot springs town we began our descent and headed off to Nagasaki city. When we arrived it was already quite late so we found a parking spot and checked in at the hotel and found a place to eat. At night we decided to go to a karaoke where we met another group of people and since most of the rooms in the karaoke place were empty we ended up singing with them for the whole night.

The next morning our tired and slightly hungover group headed to see all the world famous historical sites in Nagasaki. We first headed to Dejima which is the only port in Japan that was open to foreign trade in the Edo period. I found the clashing of Dutch and Japanese culture in Dejima fascinating and read every plaque they had for the different archeological objects they had on display. Next we headed to Glover Garden which was built by a Scottish merchant in the 19th century. We also passed through a museum which had old Japanese parade floats that had an incredible amount of detail to them considering their size. Since we had to get back to Fukuoka before dark we only went to one more place a scenic tower overlooking the whole city and in the other direction the ocean and various small islands. Afterwards we enjoyed our four hour ride back home listening to music and chatting.