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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Progress so far…

So, with less than three months before I leave to Tanzania, the real work has started.  I was officially accepted to the Art in Tanzania Project to do a medical internship, which includes my 3 months of practice.  I’m so excited already!

I visited the doctor to get my vaccinations, which included hepatitis, yellow fever, meningitis, typhoid and an optional one that I will get for cholera seeing as I will be working in hospitals.  Also, I got my malaria prescription for Larium.  The doctor usually recommends a 2 week trial for this as there are potentially bad side effects.  So I will try these in the summer before I leave.  The vaccinations and malaria medications are quite expensive, so anyone thinking of going to Tanzania should include that in a budget plan and remember to take your vaccination card with you!



Next step: Book flights!