From Finland to Tanzania

A nursing adventure

Daily Archives: 25.8.2012

Karibu! Welcome

I left Finland early morning and arrived safely in Dar es Salaam.

I arrived at about 3am to the airport and getting the visa was easy, as long as you don’t expect an orderly queue like in Finland 🙂

I waited at the airport for a while probably looking bemused and tired.  Then my AIT ride came and we drove about 45 minutes from the airport to Bahari Beach – my accomodation.   The roads are quite bumpy and in a bad state and the road users seem to make up their own rules, but we got there 🙂


I finally arrived. The accomodation is basic but nice

There is a small bar where you can buy beer and water


There are also small classrooms where children come to learn English

The first morning I had an orientation around Bahari beach, the local market and wood carver’s market.  We also went to the mall and travelled by minibus and tuc tuc.  The traffic is almost always busy and there are always traffic jams.  The best ways to travel are by tuc tuc and minibus, but the fastest way is by motorbike taxi, if you have the nerves!