From Finland to Tanzania

A nursing adventure

Practical training starts

I started my practical training at Massana Hospital .  It is about 20 minutes travel from our accomodation in Bahari beach.  My first day there was quite a shock.  Even though it is a private hospital, by Finnish standards it is quite dirty and has basic equipment.  But, as with most things, it just seems to work.

I realized straight away that the nursing is quite different to what I have experienced before.  I think this is because the family members do so much of the basic care of the patients including dressing and feeding the patient and being with them most of the day.

I met my mentor Dennis and two other AIT volunteers there.  We started with night nurse’s shift report about patients who were already there.  We were mostly in the emergency room and day clinic and today was a comparably busy day.  There were patients from young to old, with diseases ranging from malaria to sickle cell anaemia, along with age related disorders such as hypertension and stroke to young children with severe burns.  It was quite a shock to get such a wide diversity of patients, but it was interesting to see how the nurses dealt with each case.  We also spent the day in the ‘dressing’ room where patients with wounds come for post-surgical dressing changes, stitch removal and other small procedures. We also went to the labour ward and looked round the neonatal unit and looked after a premature baby born at 30 weeks

After a hard day’s work we went to Kunduchi Beach, about 20 minutes tuktuk ride away





Posted 29.8.2012 at 14.15

Wow! Sounds like a true adventure to me! Just think how much you will learn during the next three months.

Wow!! 🙂

Aliisa Tiittanen
Posted 7.9.2012 at 0.03

Good luck with everything, Jo! Great to read about your experiences of Africa. Take care!