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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Goat races, traffic jams and car crashes – just another weekend in Dar

We went to the annual charity goat race in Dar es Salaam.  It is an annual event to raise money for various charities and health initiatives in the region.  It was my first time at a goat race and it was a very fun weekend.  I even won a bet on a race 🙂


The aim is for goats to race around a track with ‘jockeys’ pushing them with a large stick.  They sometimes get confused and run into the sides or just stop, but it’s entertaining 🙂


On your marks, get set….

On the way home, the traffic,like all days, was really bad.  It took us 3 hours to get home on the bus.  Everywhere you go there are traffic jams.  It is important to leave places in good time, especially to the airport, for example.  Our traffic jam on the way home from the goat race was the worst so far.  It was so bad that people just left our bus and walked back in the dark.  It seemed like everyone else in all the other tuktuks and dala dalas just left and started walking.  It was quite scary to be left in a small group with an angry bus driver, but we got back eventually and carried on partying 🙂