From Finland to Tanzania

A nursing adventure

Back home

My bags are unpacked and my winter clothes are back in my cupboard. It felt quite unreal to come back to Finland.

I have already realised how much I miss the friendliness of Tanzanians, my friends and the sunshine and beaches of course!

Classes have already started again and I will be starting Nursing in International Fields module -the final module before I graduate! It feels quite strange to have been in practice the whole of the autumn in Tanzania and then come out of the other side (theoretically) almost ready to graduate!

I think there have been some advantages and disadvantages to being on exchange in a place so different from Finland.  The main disadvantage being that I haven’t learned many technical skills, such as using advanced electrical equipment or documenting on computers, as my classmates who stayed in Finland have learned. But these skills can be learned later, I think! On the other hand, it feels as if I have seen a great variety of cases and learned about diseases and illnesses not so prevalent in Finland, such as malaria, HIV and sickle cell anaemia.  Also, it was interesting to see the creative use of equipment in Tanzanian hospitals and being able to do your job with very little.