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A nursing adventure

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My last post and advice to you

If you are thinking about going to Tanzania to do your practice…..Do it! It was an amazing, crazy and fun experience.  From a nursing point of view, I have learned that you see a lot of things, good and bad,  and nothing will surprise me anymore.  I have seen plenty of good nursing care and […]

Back home

My bags are unpacked and my winter clothes are back in my cupboard. It felt quite unreal to come back to Finland. I have already realised how much I miss the friendliness of Tanzanians, my friends and the sunshine and beaches of course! Classes have already started again and I will be starting Nursing in […]

The long goodbye

After more than 4 months in Tanzania, it really is time to go home. The last month has been full of mixed experiences. I had a bit of a problem with my operating theatre practice. There weren’t operations everyday and there were similar operations most days.  The main problem was the scrubbing and circulating nursing, […]

Cultural differences

No exchange blog would be complete without saying something about the cultural differences between Finland and Tanzania. I’ve been here long enough now to get over the culture shock and go with the flow.  If you come to Tanzania, you will realize a few things: 1. Everything is ‘pole pole’ (slowly slowly) – Time management […]

Extensions, safaris and Zanzibar

So, my 3 months on exchange are up. Time has gone so fast, I can’t believe it.  But, I have applied to extend my stay in Dar for another month to complete perioperative practice here. I have been to the operating theatre a few times already, and I found it interesting and I wanted to […]

Practice continues…..

My first few weeks in practice have been interesting, entertaining, frustrating and sometimes sad.  One of the premature babies had died because the hospital didn’t have the resources to take care of the baby.  Also, geriatric care is very limited compared to Finland.  I think this is because life expectancy is so short here : […]

Goat races, traffic jams and car crashes – just another weekend in Dar

We went to the annual charity goat race in Dar es Salaam.  It is an annual event to raise money for various charities and health initiatives in the region.  It was my first time at a goat race and it was a very fun weekend.  I even won a bet on a race 🙂   The […]

Practical training starts

I started my practical training at Massana Hospital .  It is about 20 minutes travel from our accomodation in Bahari beach.  My first day there was quite a shock.  Even though it is a private hospital, by Finnish standards it is quite dirty and has basic equipment.  But, as with most things, it just seems […]

Karibu! Welcome

I left Finland early morning and arrived safely in Dar es Salaam. I arrived at about 3am to the airport and getting the visa was easy, as long as you don’t expect an orderly queue like in Finland 🙂 I waited at the airport for a while probably looking bemused and tired.  Then my AIT […]

Two weeks to go!!

Now that summer has pretty much disappeared from Finland,  I am getting quite excited to leave, but with so many things still to do and my summer job still going on, I don’t have much spare time to organize the small things. I have taken my malaria medication test-run and I didn’t get any terrible […]