From Finland to Tanzania

A nursing adventure

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Two weeks to go!!

Now that summer has pretty much disappeared from Finland,  I am getting quite excited to leave, but with so many things still to do and my summer job still going on, I don’t have much spare time to organize the small things.

I have taken my malaria medication test-run and I didn’t get any terrible side effects, except maybe headaches.  I finally got round to taking the cholera vaccine which is a liquid suspension which you have to drink in two separate doses 1-6 weeks apart.   It tastes quite weird 🙂

I got confirmation of my grant from school and all fees are paid to Art in Tanzania.  My visa application is ready and now the biggest thing to worry about is packing. Here is AIT’s packing list: .  Luckily I have 30 kg weight limit!  Is it too early to pack ?