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Extensions, safaris and Zanzibar

So, my 3 months on exchange are up. Time has gone so fast, I can’t believe it.  But, I have applied to extend my stay in Dar for another month to complete perioperative practice here. I have been to the operating theatre a few times already, and I found it interesting and I wanted to learn more about how things are done here with fewer resources and technology.  The principles are of course the same, such as preparing the patient pre-operatively, ensuring aseptic and sterile conditions, administering anaesthesia drugs and caring for the patient post-operatively.

I had to do quite a lot of organizing, extending my visa, changing my flights and applying for changes to the learning agreement with the school. But, now I will continue at the same hospital and will experience my first African Christmas!


After my 3 months of practice, I arranged to go on safari. We travelled by coach to Moshi. It was a long 10 hour trip, but it was nice to see the different countryside and landscapes. We spent 4 days on safari and started from Moshi to Maasailand, Serengeti, Ngorogoro and Lake Manyara. It was pretty amazing to see so many animals and our guide was so good we got to see the big five and so much more!


Mount Kilimanjaro




Maasai village


We also took long weekend break to Zanzibar. We spent one day in Stone Town and the rest of the ime chilling on the beach at Matemwe.Zanzibar was nice, and stonetown was interesting,but be prepared to be harassed by touts and random people wanting to sell you something, be that a tshirt, a taxi or a boat trip! But,it was a well-deserved break and now I am ready to carry on with the final month of practice in the operating theatres!