Joie de Vivre à la Champagne

Penthouse Girls' Exchange Journey in Troyes, France

The Beauty of April

Wooow, it’s almost May! Time just flies, especially when you’re having fun (and A LOT of school work! :D) This is what we’ve been up to the past weeks..




At the beginning of April we were invited to go to the wine market in Bréviandes, a village near to Troyes. Some of us walked to the market, while the majority of the group rented bikes for the day. In the end, we were a group of 30 exchange students and the locals were extremely interested and astonished when we entered the little exhibition hall all at once. Johanna’s and Kristin’s landlord had told the girls about the event and also gave them some entrance tickets for free. Since us students were apparently such a rare sight at these kinds of markets, we all ended up getting in free of charge. After touring the petite hall, we continued with a great picnic at the playground of a local school. The weather and especially the company were awesome! 🙂

We started a couple of new courses; Quality and Ethics in Luxury Tourism, Recruitment in the Luxury Sector, Luxury Event Management and Multicultural Team Management, which is the only course we selected from the business side, and so far is one of the best ones! 🙂 The teacher in Quality and Ethics reminded us of Cruella de Vil, and it ended up being a  strange course, even though we could not attend the half of the lessons due to overlapping of other courses.

It is strange how the course planning has been done so that almost all courses overlap at least at some point. Luckily, there has been no bigger problems with it, and we have been able to follow the lessons and pass all courses so far. Even though we almost lost our minds with the final group assignment in the Hotel Management in Business Tourism – course, which ended up being all about restaurant management and how to select menus so that they profit the most.. Say whaat, evidently we’re not going to have a restaurant any time soon.. 😀

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The weather has been so amazing (until now) and we’ve been enjoying the sun in Caro’s and Marina’s lovely garden. We had super yammy brunches, with Lilli’s special breads and strawberries, and sunbathed afterwards. Perfect, and lazy, since now all the workload of the courses just piled up 😀





On Easter, after spending the ENTIRE Good Friday at school (oh come on, France, it’s a holiday!! 😀 ) we had planned great evenings at Caro’s and Marina’s, filled with looots of eating! 🙂 We invited people over on Saturday before going to a house party at the city center. We had such a great time, which can absolutely seen from the pictures, and our tummies were super full after the whole weekend of eating.





Troyes is totally a beautiful city, especially now when everything is so green. They have really invested in the light and water elements all around the city center, which make it so cozy. We have walked around the city several times, mainly to go to visit Johanna and Kristin, who live sooo far 😀 We are really loving our whereabouts and enjoying the city more and more! 🙂


Today we have been cleaning up the apartment, since Lilli’s parents and sister are coming to visit from tomorrow until Saturday, and we wanted our little home to be at its best (and clean, since Lilli’s sister is going to stay with us 🙂 Hopefully the weather would be great so that they could enjoy the city like we have! 🙂


– Lilli & Sofia –