Joie de Vivre à la Champagne

Penthouse Girls' Exchange Journey in Troyes, France

Busy, busy May

The beginning of May was full of rainy and grey days, but happiness was still around because Lilli’s parents and sister visited the town. During the first days of their visit, our kitchen cabins were stocked with 36 litres of water, 12 litres of milk and PINK toilet paper among other things. Oh happy days, we wouldn’t need to carry those huge packages of bottles along the streets and the tiny corridors of our house up to the attic every week! 😀

We visited also the Outlets (Marques City and McArthurGlenn) with Lilli’s guests and this time the view was totally different. The outlet area was full of people, more shops were open and fresh green trees and other plants popped up here and there. Really different sight compared to the first visit in February. A lovely atmosphere!  After the Outlets we kept on shopping but we changed the place. We went to a Be Green shopping area in Saint Parres Aux Tertres. There we spend again few hours and, of course we didn’t go home empty-handed.

Because in France, Lilli also had to take her parents and sister out to eat some “Crêpes”, French pancakes. The dinner started with salty crêpes and ended with delicious sweet crêpes. We also visited the cute town of Epernay, which is famous for being the ”Mecca of champagne”. We did an interesting tour at the cellars (which are by the way over 27 km! :O ), and of course a dégustation, at Moët & Chandon.








Kristin and Johanna’s lovely landlords had invited us to “Foire aux Vins” (a wine market), which took place this time in a village called Palis. The market seemed to be more a village party than an exact a wine market. We saw some local dance performances, heard local music etc. After champagne tasting, the landlords of girls’ offered us also a lunch. It wasn’t any small lunch! Lilli and Johanna had the possibility to have escargot, (snails) as an entrée. We thought it would only be a couple of them, just to have a taste, but both of us we got 12 snails per each!! Heaven! The main dish Lilli had was duck breast and Sofia had some chicken. After eating the wine tasting continued..




In the evening we felt tired, but we wanted to still the day to continue. We agreed to prepare a dinner together with girls, Kristin and Johanna and to watch a movie. How relaxed taco and movie evening we had! That was really something we needed 🙂

May was one of the busiest months we had had while being here. Most of the courses are now luckily done, still one lesson and exam to go about Recruitment in Luxury Tourism. We had couple of exams in the ”Salle d’examens”, which turned out to be a classroom in the cellar/storage area. Not the greatest place to write an exam! 😀



Our lovely Pippi Långstrump (Johanna) from Sweden had her 22nd birthday in May. We went out to have a celebration dinner at the Salsa Café in the city centre. During the evening we came up with the idea of going to spend the next day in Dijon to do some…. SHOPPING! And the next morning we headed to Dijon..


The day in Dijon was the dream come true for us shopaholic girls! We went to a big shopping centre, “Toison d’Or” in the exterior of Dijon. There were many wonderful boutiques, but one has all the honour, the Primark. 😉









The Sunday 18th of May we made a day trip to Paris. It was a sunny day, sometimes really warm in the sun, but we truly enjoyed it! In the morning we climbed up to Sacre-Coeur to see the breath-taking views over the Paris.  Up on the hill, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the mass of tourists there..There were tourists in every corner of Sacre-Coeur even though it was Sunday and time when probably many of the tourists would leave home. Crowded, we would say so! 😀

IMG-20140518-WA0080 20140518_102131

We also saw the Notre Dame, Louvre, Moulin Rouge and Jardin du Tuliers. Locals had come out to sunbathe to Jardin du Tuliers and were sitting and talking to each other in a cheerful way. Because of the heat we wanted to cool down by having ice cream. It wasn’t just an ice cream, but a flower made of it. Tasty design! 😀

20140518_122709 20140518_144938 20140518_150017IMG-20140518-WA0093



To the end, some random pictures from May 🙂

20140520_153207 20140520_154409





Yep, winter returned to our ”fridge” 😀

P.S. We’re coming home in a week! Yikes!! 😀


– Lilli & Sofia –