Joie de Vivre à la Champagne

Penthouse Girls' Exchange Journey in Troyes, France

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Looking Back

Now that we’ve been back in home for a while (a while which has just passed super fast! :D), it’s good to look back and list some things which the future exchange students might find useful. Getting There If you want to fly quite cheaply to Paris and you’re not annoyed by changing a plane […]

The Beauty of April

Wooow, it’s almost May! Time just flies, especially when you’re having fun (and A LOT of school work! :D) This is what we’ve been up to the past weeks.. At the beginning of April we were invited to go to the wine market in Bréviandes, a village near to Troyes. Some of us walked to […]


The idiom ”time flies” applies to our life here in Troyes so well at the moment, since March just seemed to go by in a second; WOOOOSH and it was gone 😀 Now we´re already in April and the spring (read: summer for us Finns :D) is showing all its glory. In fact, our stay […]


Last couple of weeks have just flown away! We haven’t had that much school, but our lives have been full of happenings. Let´s start with Monday the 17th of February…The day was full of joy and enthusiasm! We had already bought the train tickets to Paris for next Saturday with our German friends Caro and […]

Our Week in Pictures

The first whole week is almost over and a lot has happened since our last post 🙂 The French Intensive Course began already last week, and it continues until next Wednesday. Our days have been completely full and exhausting (especially since we have only had french!) but the course has been extremely useful. There are […]

Finally here!

On early Monday morning at 02:00 a.m. our journey started from Jyväskylä heading to Troyes. The bus took as to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport where our knees were shaken by the fear of over-weighted baggage. Luckily, everything was just under the limits and we sighted of relief! First flight from Helsinki to Riga passed fast while both […]

Setting the Sails

After the short introduction post last time, we decided to write about something we´ve actually done during the journey. So, this is how our application process has been so far.. 🙂 After applying for exchange in Asio, we both got the first confirmation e-mail from the International Office of Groupe ESC Troyes. We received a […]