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Arrangements before going


As you may have noticed, this is my first post in this blog. I am going to write about how I handled all the necessary arrangements before going the exchange. At first I had some problems with my application, since there was some dilemma with the departments of my university and KdG. You see, in my university Logistics is set to be as part of the Technical department, and in KdG Logistics is under the Business department. My department had an exchange contract with the Technical department of KdG, so there were some misunderstandings about the courses I’m about to have. Fortunately the administration in KdG handled the situation well and sent me an email about my acceptance to the department I applied to, and that an information package has been sent to me by mail.

After receiving the information package, the first task was to find myself a place to stay. I wanted to have a studio, since I’ve got used to live alone aready in Finland. I sent a huge number of applications to different landlords whose contact information was given in the package, but only message I got was that contracts are usually made for one year, not six months, or everything was already booked. Finally I logged in to http://www.studentkotweb.be (password given in the information package). Living in a student room wouldn’t have been a problem for me, but since I finally found a studio from Studentkotweb, I decided to take it.

The information package included a map, some info about studying in Antwerp and of course an arrival document and information about required certificates etc. My flight to Brussels will depart on January 5th, so before that I should have taken care of all the paperwork and arrangements. Last week I filled in all the necessary documents for financial Erasmus support and the student grant from Finnish government. KdG requires a document guaranteeing that my financial support will cover my studies there. I also had to get a third-party insurance (also covering possible health-care). Now I’m just looking forward to leaving Finland. Today it was as cold as -20 celcius here, so I wish my winter here was already over!

Student guide

Student guide