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Big ups to KdG profs!

A couple of weeks have passed since the last update over here, that is mostly because I have not really had anything special to write about. For me, the recent weeks have been filled with studying, training, sleeping and repetition of the mentioned activities. There are however some things I would like to point out considering the way of studying here in KdG.

I am not sure whether the way of doing is the same in all over Flanders, but at least studying in KdG does not actually differ so much from what I have got used to in JAMK. There are pros and cons related to the courses. Let’s start with the positive ones. Compared to JAMK, the level of English among teachers is something fantastic! Also during the classes they seem to push students forward to really learn, not just read the same old slides. The way of teaching is also very interactive, the teachers get the students involved to the topic not by giving them series of exercises nobody can solve, but by telling example cases and opening common discussion. I’m not directly stating that there is something wrong with the way some teachers give lectures in JAMK, but there are some things they could learn from these guys. There are however some things I am not that satisfied with, such as  the huge variation of workload for same amount of credits. Some courses take the whole spring and you write shitloads of assignments to get 3 credits, and sometimes you just more or less study the .ppt material and pass the exam to qualify. Even though everybody has their own laptop here in the classroom, it’s not needed in most cases. This is again up to you whether you want to make notes, search for relevant informations or update status on Facebook. So far so good – never been so motivated to study! Big ups to KdG profs!