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Waffles and fries in Antwerp, Belgium

Monthly Archives: huhtikuu 2011

Last lap

The almost three-week easter holiday is now left behind and it is time for the final period of my exchange. Before the holiday I already had quite big issues inside my head, I just was so homesick that I couldn’t really enjoy my time here. After the holidays the things changed, fortunately. I had a one-week trip to Spain just by myself, and it was very relaxing. After the trip I came back to Antwerp and the weather here was perfect! Every day was just sunshine and 25-28 celcius 🙂 Spring here is just lovely, lots of events and things to do! I also realized that perhaps Belgian people are a bit like Finns, waking up when the sun starts shining 🙂 Thockxis weekend we are going to hitch-hike to Amsterdam to celebrate Queensday. Let’s see if we ever get back home alive 😀

Not so many contact hours at school any more, but lot of papers to write and presentations to do. Here are photos from my holiday in Spain and a free Drumnbass/Dubstep/House festival last night! Njoy!