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Monthly Archives: heinäkuu 2011

Back home, was it good? YESS!!

It’s been now three weeks since I came back home from Antwerp. I have not been writing a lot since Easter because I had fantastic things to do all the time with other students! Erasmus in Antwerp was a great experience! The final exams in May were not too difficult, but without any preparations I would not have passed them. Some exams were done orally, and for some courses we just had to write a report or a case study about some topic.

There were not so many contact lessons, so we had a lot of free-time besides school. In the early months I spent most of the time doing sports, but towards the end I started to travel and party more and more. I believe that variation in free-time activities gives you much better overview about the city. During the weekends I did a lot of travelling, for example to Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and also to some other Belgian cities. From Antwerp it is easy and quite cheap to travel around Europe, especially compared to Finland.

I would definitely recommend the spring semester of International Business Course in Karel de Grote-Hogeschool to everybody studying Logistics, since at least I learned several things we have never even talked about in JAMK. Of course in Jyväskylä we study engineering, not management.

I felt a bit depressed when I came back to Finland. There was so much life and nice people in Antwerp, that Finland (especially Vantaa where I’m working during the summer) feels really boring. Actually, I’m still very unhappy not to be in Belgium. During Erasmus you meet so nice people from whatever country, so it’s very difficult to suddenly leave them and get back to the “normal” lifestyle. However, there is at least one person I didn’t have to say goodbye forever, since I happened to find a girlfriend during my stay in Antwerp. At the time I’m in the plane flying to see her, but I will not tell to which country 😉

If you ever have a chance for Erasmus, take it! And take it in Antwerp 😀