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Courses in KdG

I decided to write one more post to briefly introduce the courses I attended.


1. EILC Dutch language course. I definitely suggest to participate this course in the beginning of semester, since you get very good skills of everyday basics of Dutch language. At least for me it was a good help during my stay in Antwerp. Even though people speak very good English, it is good to know some basics in your everyday life. Takes only one month and is definitely worth it!

2. Maritime transport & ports. We had a visiting lecturer during the whole course and he taught us well to understand differences between types of vessels and their way of operation. Also port logistics and operations were included in this course. I suggest every logistics-related student to attend this course.

3. International trade. Maybe the most difficult course I had. From the beginning we started to make a huge project related to transportation of goods from a country outside EU to some EU country. For 3 credits there was definitely too much work, but as an experience I think it was worh it. Lots of local students in this course, who prefer to communicate in Dutch (presentations, questions etc.)

4. Human Resource Management. Visiting lecturer was sitting in front of the class and talking. Then we write. Repeat. There were problems with examination since the results were not always correct. There is some useful information about basic company structures but the lessons were very oldschool.

5. Brand Management of industrial goods. A teacher from Austria introduced us to some theory about the topic and then gave us a case study. I liked the course very much, since the teacher was motivating and the case study was interesting. Even for logistics student I think this is very good course to have. Totally suggest!

6. Supply Chain Management. Visiting lecturer again, at first telling what SCM is about and then divided different case studies for every group. The course was brief but I think it is good for logistics student to attend.

7. EU Transport policy. Very interesting course, where we get to know detailed information of how EU legislation is based on and how decisions are made. Also lot of information about liabilities and regulations for logistics inside EU. Very high-quality lecturing and also visit to a session of EU Committee of transport and tourism is done to Brussels!

8. Import & Export Management. This course is very interesting and at least for me there was lot of information about importin and exporting goods. The course introduces different participants of transport operations and some liabilities included in importing and exporting of goods. Important course I think..

9. Economic Geography. This course is a bit funny. The teacher introduces different kinds of cases where geographical knowledge is used to solve logistical and economical problems, in the end of course each student is going to prepare own real-life case study from their home country or a region nearby. Interesting but needs a lot of attention if you want to be up-to-date on this course.


Overall the courses in KdG are interesting and well-taught. Level of English is always very good and the courses are usually only for Erasmus students. So you meet lot of friends there, but sometimes it is also a bad thing if you want to pay attention to the lesson. Belgian Culture & Economy course is interesting and almost all the time there are visits to different places in Antwerp and Belgium (EU Parliament, Brussels, 1st world war sceneries, Antwerp city hall & museums, Port of Antwerp etc…). I decided to fail this course because after all the visits, we had to write a report of each visit.