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Courses in KdG

I decided to write one more post to briefly introduce the courses I attended.   1. EILC Dutch language course. I definitely suggest to participate this course in the beginning of semester, since you get very good skills of everyday basics of Dutch language. At least for me it was a good help during my […]

Back home, was it good? YESS!!

It’s been now three weeks since I came back home from Antwerp. I have not been writing a lot since Easter because I had fantastic things to do all the time with other students! Erasmus in Antwerp was a great experience! The final exams in May were not too difficult, but without any preparations I […]

Last lap

The almost three-week easter holiday is now left behind and it is time for the final period of my exchange. Before the holiday I already had quite big issues inside my head, I just was so homesick that I couldn’t really enjoy my time here. After the holidays the things changed, fortunately. I had a […]

First exam week, check!

Long time no see? It’s been a while since my last post and I’m very sorry for that. I’ve been quite busy with many things and now I finally got myself to write here again, since the first exam week is finished. I have to say I’m quite surprised how easy it actually was, a […]

Big ups to KdG profs!

A couple of weeks have passed since the last update over here, that is mostly because I have not really had anything special to write about. For me, the recent weeks have been filled with studying, training, sleeping and repetition of the mentioned activities. There are however some things I would like to point out […]

Language course finished, ready for IBC

I am proud to announce that I received grade A from Dutch course, which is the best possible. I did not really do so much studying at home, since we already had so much to do at school. In fact, the originally four-week course was made in three weeks this year. In my opinion that […]

First week at school

I was standing in the entrance hall of Karel de Grote-Hogeschool on Tuesday. I saw students entering the building. I looked at them and tried to find people like me. Foreign people. People in the corner, alone, also looking for someone. Some of them looked like they would be in this place for the first […]

Zeemanskerk and sunday shopping

The weekend is over and the school is starting tomorrow. This is the 7th day for me here in Antwerp and everything should be now arranged, except the copies of my rent agreement which I should give to the school during registration. As I wrote in the previous post, I had some issues with finding […]

Je suis arrivé!

Finally here in Antwerp and everything has gone well so far! My journey started from Jyväskylä (my home town) at 00:30 by taking a 4h bus drive to Helsinki airport. Then I flew to Brussels via Copenhagen. A bus took me from Brussels airport to Antwerp in less than an hour. I hopped off the at the Central station at around goedemiddag -time (at least […]

Arrangements before going

Hello, As you may have noticed, this is my first post in this blog. I am going to write about how I handled all the necessary arrangements before going the exchange. At first I had some problems with my application, since there was some dilemma with the departments of my university and KdG. You see, in my […]