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Je suis arrivé!

Finally here in Antwerp and everything has gone well so far! My journey started from Jyväskylä (my home town) at 00:30 by taking a 4h bus drive to Helsinki airport. Then I flew to Brussels via Copenhagen. A bus took me from Brussels airport to Antwerp in less than an hour. I hopped off the at the Central station at around goedemiddag -time (at least that’s what the coffee lady said after checking the clock). I had a look at the map and found the front door to my apartment very quickly, since I live next to the station. I called my landlord and he took me indoors.

The landlord explained all the dos and don’ts related to renting the place and was really helpful with my questions. He was the first person I meet here, and gave me once again a helpful and positive picture of Belgian characteristics. There is only one problem in living here in this very place: taking bicycles in your apartment is strictly forbidden. My road bike that I sent here by Schenker should arrive in couple of days and I cannot use it before I find a safe place for storage. That is after all a minor problem and I’m sure things will sort out in a matter of time! Actually, my landlord is again being helpful and also looking for some alternatives.

The sales season is on. It started in the beginning of January and I heard it will last for about one month. This gives some advantages for incoming students on January, since you find lots of low-price accessories and clothing. The disadvantage for sure is that at least the main shopping street Meir is packed! You really need some time for the fitting room cue.

I also rented a commuter bike today. I had reserved it beforehand on http://www.fietshaven.be. The only problem is that I don’t have the local student card yet and I had to pay the full price. That is why I rented the bike for one month, and they promised to return me the surplus after I have the student card and will make the contract for the rest of the time. As I already mentioned, the bikes cannot be taken indoors, so one has to lock them on the streets. The good thing is that there is a parking hall for bicycles under Astridplein, which is just next to Antwerpen Centraal (the main train station). That’s also where my bike is at the time, or at least should be. You get two locks with the bike so you can lock the rear wheel to the frame and also lock the frame to some fixed bar.

That’s all for today folks, below there is a photo I took on the way to Antwerp.