Studying in St.Petersburg University Of Economics for one semester.

Monthly Archives: September 2016

SURPRISEE, NOT all students have arrived yet to the dorm…

Good Evening! 

Last week was not very hard, because I did not have many classes, but I am already scared about what is it going to be when most of my courses will start.. 

In learning agreement I decided to take these courses:

  • Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Financial Management of Enterprise Business Processes
  • International Marketing
  • Development and Marketing of Services
  • Competitive Strategies in Russia
  • Russian Political System
  • Russia and the World: Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation
  • International Energy Security: Key Elements
  • Labour Law Regulations: International Standards and Russian Labour Law
  • Stock Market Learning

I have to get 30 ETCS from the semester. I had a possibility to take Russian language and culture -course (6ETCS), but I thought that maybe I could get these 6ETCS,  from something that interests me and where I could learn something new.. 

When I filled my learning agreement for the first time I had to write the courses I would like to take, and there is also 2 more pages with the same filling system. You fill in the first page of the agreement before the beginning of the studies, and when you arrive to the exchange country u can make some changes (if needed) with courses, but on the 2nd page. In my case I will just fill the same courses as in the first page to the 2nd page. 


I though that all the students have already arrived, but no, they r not. Yesterday I saw how new students moved in and I was super-ultra-surprised. The students were from China, and they r very friendly, they come from Peking, their flight took like 8 hours… 

But yes, they brought us from China some sweeties, and they tasted a bit strange because we Europeans are not used to that kind of tastes, but anyway, how not to take a pic of that kindness <3 ….Just to remain that my travelling here from Finland took 7 hours by a CAR…..AND when I am comparing these things, I really understand how far away they are coming from…. So crazy.


The sweetie looks like it is made of the bread, that we have in Lutheran churches, but it is not that. Between these two slices there is jujube and it matches perfectly with tea for example! 😉 

MORE sweeties…..



And happy we, going for a walk, yesterday. Sleep well and have a nice Tuesday! 🙂

The last week has gone so fast..

Good Morning!

Last week our studies started with a compact course, Development and Marketing of Services. The teacher is from Barselona and due to that we had everyday (Monday to Saturday 16-20.00) 4 hours lectures. The whole course’s information was compacted in one week. We have to write an assignment for 3 000 words and during the course we made a groupwork, had to find out the worst experience of hotel/hostel and then to create a new hostel that leaves to customer a good experience, so

A hostel without a hostel experience 😉


In addition to that, we visited Russian courses, macroeconomics, finance, management of a firm and econometry. So me and Kate had pretty hard week.. Actually at the end of the week (on Saturday) we relaxed on the boat party, that was arranged by our buddies (tutors), all our 2 dormitories has attended also!


Yesterday went to a restaurant and on the way there I found a handsome man.


During yesterday I also attended to a gym, named FitFashion and I am really eager to go to workout because I had some break for a while.  😉

Night tour in the centrum


Did not write here right away yesterday, but have to admit that it was such an amazing day. Our day started by the bustour around the centrum of the St.Petersburg. I still cant understand that I am really living in that fairy tale -city. The architecture is something I can not explain, the history of the city is unbelievable. Not many city has that long and rich history to tell for others. That is how our day went:

  • We started from our university. 



  • We had a couple of stops, and the traffic was not so rushy so it was okay to take a pic in the middle of the road with Kate.



Later actually our day turned more interesting and all started from a typical grocery shopping. We were coming from ДИКСИ (small shop) with one full bag and another bag with potatoes.

  1. Right in front of our dormitory we heard an amazing voice, a guy singing so clearly and amazingly. I noticed that the window was opened and I decided to climb and to listen more. (It was only 1st floor).

  2. Found out that students were just practicing performance and they asked us to come there and that is how we met.

  3. After their practice, they took us bags to our dormitory and we made Borsh soup all together. It was very nice.

  4. With full stomachs our new friends asked if we would like to see how the bridges open, and we never have seen so of course we were in.

  5. The bigger bridge,  Palace Bridge (Дворцовый Мост) 


  6. Then just walking in the beautiful night city and enjoying the company. qzen2k5nc7s

    Monument to Nicholas I

  7. ky27bwp-ozm

    We walked all night long, but it was worth it! 🙂  

What a beautiful day

Hi all!

Today we had some program (taking into account that we have been just chilling for a while), the vice director introduced himself and we got our student cards, FINALLY!


There has also been some problems with mosquitoes, they bite very much while sleeping and everyone is scratching everywhere during the day.. Happily we got some things to avoid all these night fliers, hope so they will work!

Me and Kate want to study mainly in Russian, but there are some problems, because Russian courses last till January. There is the exam period at the same time when should be already studying in my home university, so we decided to ask if we could continue our studies till the end of the spring semester..

Anyway, it is very beautiful here, and I love the Kazansky Cathedral, that is located on Nevskyi prospect, only 200 metres from my university. It is an old building, and it has been built during 1801-1811 by Andrey Voronihin.



As the weather was the most amazing, we went by foot to the Gallery Center with Kristina. On the way there, we stopped at the place where traditionally u throw coins at the cat (that is standing up in the corner of the building) and make a wish and of course, if ur coin gets there, your wish will come true, so I hope the best 😉 I tried to throw the coin but unfortunately did not succeed, then a guy came and said: “let me throw instead of you, make a wish”.


But well, today I ll just check the courses that I could take in Russian and fit them somehow with some courses in English.

See you later, alligators 🙂

Already here!

Well, I arrived here already on 30th of August, but I did not go to the dormitory right away because accommodation is from 1st to 4th of September. So…I stayed for two nights at my friend’s place. Anyway, now I am in the dormitory it calls (8ya Letsnitsa), and I am lucky to have my own room. At first I had to fill some papers in the reception and then I got my entry card with my picture and a pass card (to let in the dormitory). Now I have already unpacked my luggage and my room looks pretty cozy. Today we had only registration and formalities.

After this all we went to a grocery store, but it took like 40min to find it because the city is so big and as we r not local, we could not find it quickly. Well here is some pics of the city and of my entrycard.


2nd Yelagin Bridge


My entrycard, I know I look like a killer, but that’s the only pic I had.


The girl (Kate) is just amazing, we did not know each other before the exchange but she is just like another me.  We cooked our lunch and also a guy from the same floor joined us!

Well, tomorrow I have to take 5 passport pictures for my student card and other documents and I already found a place where I could take them. It was such an amazing day, felling in love with this town.