Already here!

Well, I arrived here already on 30th of August, but I did not go to the dormitory right away because accommodation is from 1st to 4th of September. So…I stayed for two nights at my friend’s place. Anyway, now I am in the dormitory it calls (8ya Letsnitsa), and I am lucky to have my own room. At first I had to fill some papers in the reception and then I got my entry card with my picture and a pass card (to let in the dormitory). Now I have already unpacked my luggage and my room looks pretty cozy. Today we had only registration and formalities.

After this all we went to a grocery store, but it took like 40min to find it because the city is so big and as we r not local, we could not find it quickly. Well here is some pics of the city and of my entrycard.


2nd Yelagin Bridge


My entrycard, I know I look like a killer, but that’s the only pic I had.


The girl (Kate) is just amazing, we did not know each other before the exchange but she is just like another me.  We cooked our lunch and also a guy from the same floor joined us!

Well, tomorrow I have to take 5 passport pictures for my student card and other documents and I already found a place where I could take them. It was such an amazing day, felling in love with this town.