What a beautiful day

Hi all!

Today we had some program (taking into account that we have been just chilling for a while), the vice director introduced himself and we got our student cards, FINALLY!


There has also been some problems with mosquitoes, they bite very much while sleeping and everyone is scratching everywhere during the day.. Happily we got some things to avoid all these night fliers, hope so they will work!

Me and Kate want to study mainly in Russian, but there are some problems, because Russian courses last till January. There is the exam period at the same time when should be already studying in my home university, so we decided to ask if we could continue our studies till the end of the spring semester..

Anyway, it is very beautiful here, and I love the Kazansky Cathedral, that is located on Nevskyi prospect, only 200 metres from my university. It is an old building, and it has been built during 1801-1811 by Andrey Voronihin.



As the weather was the most amazing, we went by foot to the Gallery Center with Kristina. On the way there, we stopped at the place where traditionally u throw coins at the cat (that is standing up in the corner of the building) and make a wish and of course, if ur coin gets there, your wish will come true, so I hope the best 😉 I tried to throw the coin but unfortunately did not succeed, then a guy came and said: “let me throw instead of you, make a wish”.


But well, today I ll just check the courses that I could take in Russian and fit them somehow with some courses in English.

See you later, alligators 🙂