Night tour in the centrum


Did not write here right away yesterday, but have to admit that it was such an amazing day. Our day started by the bustour around the centrum of the St.Petersburg. I still cant understand that I am really living in that fairy tale -city. The architecture is something I can not explain, the history of the city is unbelievable. Not many city has that long and rich history to tell for others. That is how our day went:

  • We started from our university. 



  • We had a couple of stops, and the traffic was not so rushy so it was okay to take a pic in the middle of the road with Kate.



Later actually our day turned more interesting and all started from a typical grocery shopping. We were coming from ДИКСИ (small shop) with one full bag and another bag with potatoes.

  1. Right in front of our dormitory we heard an amazing voice, a guy singing so clearly and amazingly. I noticed that the window was opened and I decided to climb and to listen more. (It was only 1st floor).

  2. Found out that students were just practicing performance and they asked us to come there and that is how we met.

  3. After their practice, they took us bags to our dormitory and we made Borsh soup all together. It was very nice.

  4. With full stomachs our new friends asked if we would like to see how the bridges open, and we never have seen so of course we were in.

  5. The bigger bridge,  Palace Bridge (Дворцовый Мост) 


  6. Then just walking in the beautiful night city and enjoying the company. qzen2k5nc7s

    Monument to Nicholas I

  7. ky27bwp-ozm

    We walked all night long, but it was worth it! 🙂