The last week has gone so fast..

Good Morning!

Last week our studies started with a compact course, Development and Marketing of Services. The teacher is from Barselona and due to that we had everyday (Monday to Saturday 16-20.00) 4 hours lectures. The whole course’s information was compacted in one week. We have to write an assignment for 3 000 words and during the course we made a groupwork, had to find out the worst experience of hotel/hostel and then to create a new hostel that leaves to customer a good experience, so

A hostel without a hostel experience 😉


In addition to that, we visited Russian courses, macroeconomics, finance, management of a firm and econometry. So me and Kate had pretty hard week.. Actually at the end of the week (on Saturday) we relaxed on the boat party, that was arranged by our buddies (tutors), all our 2 dormitories has attended also!


Yesterday went to a restaurant and on the way there I found a handsome man.


During yesterday I also attended to a gym, named FitFashion and I am really eager to go to workout because I had some break for a while.  😉