SURPRISEE, NOT all students have arrived yet to the dorm…

Good Evening! 

Last week was not very hard, because I did not have many classes, but I am already scared about what is it going to be when most of my courses will start.. 

In learning agreement I decided to take these courses:

  • Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Financial Management of Enterprise Business Processes
  • International Marketing
  • Development and Marketing of Services
  • Competitive Strategies in Russia
  • Russian Political System
  • Russia and the World: Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation
  • International Energy Security: Key Elements
  • Labour Law Regulations: International Standards and Russian Labour Law
  • Stock Market Learning

I have to get 30 ETCS from the semester. I had a possibility to take Russian language and culture -course (6ETCS), but I thought that maybe I could get these 6ETCS,  from something that interests me and where I could learn something new.. 

When I filled my learning agreement for the first time I had to write the courses I would like to take, and there is also 2 more pages with the same filling system. You fill in the first page of the agreement before the beginning of the studies, and when you arrive to the exchange country u can make some changes (if needed) with courses, but on the 2nd page. In my case I will just fill the same courses as in the first page to the 2nd page. 


I though that all the students have already arrived, but no, they r not. Yesterday I saw how new students moved in and I was super-ultra-surprised. The students were from China, and they r very friendly, they come from Peking, their flight took like 8 hours… 

But yes, they brought us from China some sweeties, and they tasted a bit strange because we Europeans are not used to that kind of tastes, but anyway, how not to take a pic of that kindness <3 ….Just to remain that my travelling here from Finland took 7 hours by a CAR…..AND when I am comparing these things, I really understand how far away they are coming from…. So crazy.


The sweetie looks like it is made of the bread, that we have in Lutheran churches, but it is not that. Between these two slices there is jujube and it matches perfectly with tea for example! 😉 

MORE sweeties…..



And happy we, going for a walk, yesterday. Sleep well and have a nice Tuesday! 🙂