What a horrible hospital


These three days have been not so good. Kate have had a serious temperature for 3 days (39,3 degree). We tried to low the temperature, but then after the affect of a medicine it got up again and we decided to call the emergency and they found out that she has serious angina and she was taken to Botkyn’s hospital

(a pic below)

Today I bought her oranges and juice and went to the hospital to visit her. I was so shocked when I saw the circumstances all the patients were living in.. We came inside of the hospital and it was just like from the horror story, I am not kiddin.. It was crazy, an old building and then we got upstairs, it took a while that we got there. Finally I met my darling Kate and found out that she slept last night, quess where???  in the corridor.. I was like


And yes, she really slept there. There is a picture when I arrived there and we were just chilling on that cozy bed, or what do you think?



After googling I found out that in that hospital has been filmed the film “Silent Hill” Ok to be honest, you can not really rely on that information, but I believe it could be true. If interested, you can see here more pictures http://cybergo-ru.livejournal.com/72016.html

… All these writings on the walls, toilets, everything was so crazy I though that that kind of circumstances you can see only in FILMS, but no.. Well, the personal is OK, but…

..I was just a bit shocked..

..Then I looked at the bed she were sleeping on, it was really like from horror story, okay there was a mattress on but anyway, not comfortable at all..

Then actually I saw Kate and she showed us her final room. I looked the room for a while and then I do not actually know what happened but I started feeling not so well, I have just maybe watched way too much horror movies when I was a kid.

Later I arrived to the dormitory and started to get ready for tommorow’s presentation about….

…..Warren Buffett’s investing strategy 😉