About thoughts

Sometimes, it takes

being away from

someone for a while

to realize how much you

really need them in your life.

Before going abroad I’ve never been thinking that it could be hard to stay away from your family, your friends and other dear people. The only thoughts that were in my head were:

“How will I manage studies in English?”

“Will I like my room?” and “What am I supposed to do If I do not like…?”

“Will I come along with my dorm.mates?”

All these questions have been in my head for a long time, but never actually thought that how can I survive without my friends and relatives. I am talking with my mom on Whatsapp about 2-3 times a week. In the beginning of the exchange our calls took like 10-15 minutes. Now they can take from half an hour to one hour. I have to admit that I miss my family and friends.

I love living here in Saint-Pete and I have gotten many new friendships. I like my dorm.mates, they r very kind and they have an amazing sense of humor. But you know, home is always home. I do not mean now the apartment where I live with Suvi (friend from childhood). I am talking about the atmosphere and surroundings I have grown in. When I am in Jyväskylä I can visit them whenever I feel so, but from here it is not that easy.

Studying abroad, in different country, where you are really alone, on your own, has an interesting result and effect-

Growing as a human

It teaches you how to manage all your problems by yourself and you know that all is in your hands and you make the changes if you feel so. Yes, of course you can always ask your mom, but it is easier to solve yourself instead of making many calls to your parents.

There have also been situations when you need a hug or support but you cannot get it. Being away teaches how to survive from these situations because in future your parents might not be just behind the corner and your adversities can be bigger. So it is an important skill to learn- being able to deal with your adversities and to be independent when needed.

I wanted to write that all out and I think that many that have been (or are still) studying abroad or just away from family, can find some familiar thoughts. 🙂 



Next time I will write about the good things of the dormitory life and about the shortages that there might be.

Have a nice weekend! 😉