What about the dorm. life

Good Daay!

As I promised in the last post, I would like to tell you how is it really to live in dormitory. I will not generalize, but as an example I will take my dormitory called 8-ya Lestnisa. In the beginning of studies I was a little bit shocked, because I did not expect that kind of surroundings.
Moving in was a little bit complicated, because I got a room on the 4-th floor and there was no elevator, so I had to get all my luggage up the stairs. Ok, one challenge completed. I under packed all my stuff and tried to make my room cozy and actually I managed it very well!
Kitchen, you might be surprised, because you are used to modern electric cooker, but there was a gas cooker. To be honest, I did not know how to use it safely. We had a gas cooker when I lived in the countryside, but I never had to use it. In the beginning it was hard because you did not know how much of gas you have to put out to make it work (and yes of course I was afraid if it burns my hand during kindling it). After a while I learned it. Second challenge completed.



The shower and toilet. We do not have our own toilets or showers, they are split like 4 toilet cabins for 26 people (1 floor) and 2 showers aswell. As you might have heard, but here is sometimes problems with hot water. For example in the morning I was in the shower and the hot water came like 20sek + 20sek cold and so on. All that is due to other students that had also been showering at the same time as I was. The hot water was just split up to all the floors. Sometimes if you re lucky and go when no-one is showering, you will get the whole hot water only for you.

Luxury, don’t you think so? 🙂 

Washing machine. It has its own life actually, if it doesn’t feel desire to wash – It will not do it. No-one actually knows how to use it but it is all about the lucky, again. 🙂

Well my room…. It is beautiful

….but the heaters started to work like in the 2-nd of October, and before it I heated my room by an electrical heater that I asked from the cleaning lady. Now it is very good.


Another dorm. –  7-ya lestnisa. There all the students have own toilet per room and shower also. They have only one common place- kitchen. I have been there many times, and I think it is boring to live there, because you do not meet other people the way we do. We have a common ”living room”, where many students can watch a TV or playing for example cards.

Our ”team spirit” is something unexplainable amazing!

We meet everyday and have fun, we don’t feel lonely or bored ever. I do not say that students from another dorm. do feel so, but at least there is a huge difference. Their dormitory is ok, honestly, like a hotel, you know they have an elevator and the kitchen is more modern that ours.


Everyone who comes to our dorm. says that it is so cool to live here, always funny. Btw, we have cameras and the administration sees all that we r doing but we do not have cameras in the kitchen (if compared to 7th dorm.) and the control in here is not that big,

I am so happy to live here! 

So life is about the decisions and I have chosen this kind of living and do not regret nothing. All these kitchen and shower problems are worth it. 

Next time I will tell you what courses I eventually took, what I put in my learning agreement, and what about the extension! 

Have as nice weekend as we have! 😉