Half of the autumn semester already done


Today I saw the first snow in St.Pete, it melted right away and then later turned to rain, but anyways, winter is right behind the corner, can’t wait. I have heard that it is not so beautiful here in winter due to big traffic, but we ll see! 🙂

Hmm, today I would like to tell you what courses I finally took. Actually I sent the learning agreement a bit late, but the most important thing is that I have attended to the courses. Well, my final decisions about the courses:

  • Int. Marketing

  • Int. Business and Marketing

  • Development of Marketing and Services (already done)

  • Competitive Strategies in Russia

  • Russia and The World: Foreign Policy

  • Stock Market Learning (btw, very interesting!)

  • Russian Language

  • Financial Institutions and Markets

  • Financial Management and Enterprise Business Process

  • Labor Law Regulations: Int. Standards and Russian Labor Law

Altogether 30 ETC. I am really interested in marketing, so that is why I took so many marketing courses. I could have never imagined that I would say so, but stock market is also very very interesting and there are many things that are important to know. The whole course is actually about investing and investing strategies.

Well, what about the extension?! 

Guess what…. I will stay here for the autumn semester also. I wrote to the JAMK’s (my university in Finland) coordinator and they said that I can stay as a freemover, the difference between an exchange student and a freemover is that the exchange student doesn’t have to pay a tuition fee, but the freemover does. I think it is important to learn business English and that’s why I decided to stay despite the tuition fee. I was also wondering if I ll get the grant money, but luckily yes! The deadline for applying for the money is 15th of November.

Now we r going to have a meeting with the group of International Business and Marketing, we have to think how we will present organic clothes.


Enjoy your Sunday! Tomorrow it’s Monday, again… 🙂 

Throwback to that perfect day with these two amazing sweethearts, so much fun and happiness in one picture.