Welcome To Rainy St.Petersburg

Snow, snow, snow, snow…. No.

Only a melted snow, and those boring, gray, rainy days from a week to another. Well, it is the end of November and I am starting being afraid, if the winter ever starts… Hopefully on December it can be officially started, also from the weather’s point of view. Every morning on my way to workout looks like that;



November has been very busy month, I had tests, reports to return and other group meetings. I was on a Labour Law -course, and it was very interesting, even though not my specialization. I had a presentation about Discrimination in Finland according to the Finnish legislation. Quite interesting, but I was very nervous, but it went well. And then had to return a report about that topic, but there had to be some statistics aswell.

Competitive strategies in Russia -course, is hold also by a Russian teacher. One thing I pointed out, which is very interesting;  When you hear all the time English with the Russian accent, you start automatically to speak the same way, very curious.

Hmmm, I have already chosen my courses for the next semester (Spring 2017), and here they are:

Sustainable Finance

Modern Marketing

Modern Marketing In a World Gone Digital

Doing Business In Russia: Tourism Outlook

Int. Human Resource Management

Management In Small and Medium-Size Enterprises

Financial Institutions and Markets

Hospitality Management

Project Management

Project Management in Tourism

Complex Development of Tourism Industry

= 30 ETC

There may be some changes in courses, but for now I decided to take these.

If you ever go to St. Petersburg, visit Maza Park. It was pretty cool, it was open from 00-06 am and it costed 600 Rub. There were many activities;

Bowling,  Lazer War,  Shooting Range,  Billiard, Darts, 5D Movie Theater,  Lazer Room, Virtual Reality

and there were something else also, but cannot remember all. 🙂 There is some video, that helps you to imagine what kind of place we visited. Definitely we’ll go once or twice or even thrice times there!

On our way to Maza Park


But well, I am going home on 22nd of December, so approximately 1 month left, cannot wait! …and so much study things has to be done before it..

I am



Just missing my family and friends from Finland.

Good Night, Cuties! 🙂